Wool Socks

Wool Socks

Wool socks made of genuine Texel sheep's wool

Skéépe wool socks are made exclusively from the wool that comes from the Texel sheep that actually live on the island. This wool is extra thick and is of a very high and unprecedented quality. Notice the difference in warmth, comfort and protection yourself, by choosing the best quality sheep's wool socks available. Skéépe's wool socks come in different lengths and colours. As a result, both men's wool socks and women's wool socks are available.

Texel Wool Socks by Skéépe: the warmest wool socks, straight from the Texel farms

Wool socks from Texel sheep wool: Natural Warmth and Durable

Skéépe's woollen socks are all made from the wool that comes from Texel farms. By using the best Texel wool, which also comes from the sheeps from the island itself, you will experience the benefits of wool while wearing these unique, Texel wool socks. The warmest and best wool socks, which are also produced in a sustainable and animal-friendly way!

The benefits of Texel Wool Socks from Skéépe

Our sheep's wool socks are not just any socks; they are made from the sheep's wool of the farmers of Texel. The sheep live outside and the wool becomes extra thick, due to the Texel climate.

  • The warmest socks: The extra-thick wool fibre from the Texel sheep breed, the Texelaar, keeps your feet wonderfully warm even in the coldest conditions.
  • Moisture Control and Breathability: Thanks to the natural properties of Texel sheep's wool, your feet will stay dry and fresh as it absorbs moisture and ventilates excess moisture.
  • Protection from Friction: Our socks offer excellent protection from shoe friction, preventing blisters and keeping you moving comfortably.
  • Antibacterial and Dirt Repellent: Texel sheep's wool has naturally antibacterial properties, counteracting odours and keeping your socks fresher for longer.
  • Good for the Skin: The natural softness of Texel sheep's wool cares for and protects even the most delicate skin.
  • Sustainable: Made with care and respect for the environment. Skéépe socks are a sustainable choice that last a long time and contribute to a circular economy.

Buying woollen socks for men or woollen socks for women?

Our wool socks can be worn by both men and women. There is a choice of three different lengths and multiple colours, which means there are beautiful wool socks for men but also trendy wool socks for women.
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