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Genuine Texel sheepskins!

Want to buy a sheepskin? We often think that a Texel sheepskin really comes from Texel, but the Texel sheep breed lives all over the world. The sheepskins from Skéépe are different! Our sheep have really lived on the island and the sheepskins and lambskins are therefore of a very high and unique quality. They are very soft and have a thicker fiber. A sheepskin Looks beautiful in your interior, for example over a chair or as dress.

Care aid made of medicinal sheepskin

Because the Texel sheepskin has a thicker wool fiber than any other sheep breed, they have better cushioning and are therefore extremely suitable for making medical aids. Because of this good, pressure-relieving effect, we make various care aids from our medicinal sheepskins. The Skéépe care products are often used in the healthcare sector. These medicinal sheepskin products help with complaints such as pressure sores and joint pain. Think for example of heel protectors or an anti-decubitus mattress. View all our medical products here Made of medicated sheepskin or lambskin.

Skéépe has the label Real Texel Product.

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Skéépe sheepskins from texel:

Skéépe sheepskins are truly unique! They are the only sheepskins that are not only of the Texel sheep breed but whose sheep have actually lived on Texel at the farm!

Our sheepskin collection

In our webshop, you will find sheepskins in various colors, dyed and not dyed. Which color fits best in your home is entirely up to you, we offer you a wide choice.
For dyed coats, you can choose from bright blue to lovely old pink and from calm taupe to pitch black.
Our plain, undyed coats are available in white/natural and in brown, these are available in four sizes: lambskin, large, x-large, and super size.

The origin of our coats

The sheep and lambs roam freely in the Texel outdoors and enjoy the space in the meadows. The special climate on the island Texel gives the sheepskin a unique structure and is of extra good quality.

The quality Texel is proud of

Texel wool is nurtured by salty sea air, wind, and sun. These conditions make the coat of the Texel sheep voluminous and frizzy, making it extra soft, resilient, and optimally insulating. These coats adapt to your body temperature, as it were: delightfully warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer.

“Texel is proud of its world-famous sheep wool ! ”

Shipping your order

Within the Netherlands, we deliver our sheepskins for free, or at least: without additional costs. In most cases, the order will be delivered the next day, provided it is placed before 3:00 pm.
For orders from outside the Netherlands we have favorable rates, but delivery time may show slightly more variation.

In our webshop, you can create an account to place your order, but this is not necessary. The big advantage of an account is that you won't need to enter your details again for a subsequent order. Whether you create an account or not, you can count on fast handling and you'll receive a track & trace code to track your order.

✓ Skin from the Texel sheep breed

✓ Actually lived in the meadow on Texel!

✓ Free shipping for all Texel sheepskins