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If you were born on the island Texel, you will find a sheep nothing special. You grow up with them, because there are thousands of sheep on Texel. And if you just cycle across the island, you will see sheep everywhere. Only later in school, you learn about the 'Texelaar', a special breed of sheep, which is the studbook keeper of many sheep all over the world.

Over ons Skeepe Texel

The life of our Texel sheep

In addition to the 14,000 sheep that graze on Texel, thousands of lambs are born each year. Not only do many tourists come in early spring to admire (and pet) the lambs. It is also quite an experience for people who live on Texel, this new born life and the beginning of a new spring season. Every year I go with my two daughters to the sheep farm to pet lambs. Sheep shearing is also an experience for a child and very educational.

As a Texel resident I realized that the wool of the sheep are very special. It contains a high amount of wool grease (lanolin) and certainly that of a sheep that actually lived on Texel. This is due to the salty wind and soil and the food they eat here. And even though you can find the 'Texelaar' all over the world, our own Texel climate makes the fur and wool of a very high quality.

The sheep wool of Texel is well known, for example think of the duvets and pillows. But what about the sheepskins? I found out that the skins of the sheep who lived on Texel, were not used. This surprised me and I really wanted to do something with this! Not to make a long story even longer… I started using the sheepskins and we currently sell the best quality sheepskin available. A 100% natural and ecological product. And that for the same price as all other sheepskins in the world. People are very surprised when we let them feel the difference in quality of different sheepskins.

We make beautiful sheepskins and also in all diferent kind of colors. For home and living, babies and pets. But what I'm very happy about is that we now also make products that help people. People who are bed-bound and/or wheelchair-bound and/or suffer from bedsores (decubitus ulcers). Think of a heel protector. The wounds are healed by using our medicinal sheepskin products from Texel. Clients want to continue to use our products preventively. I am so proud of this! At the moment we are busy developing new products for, for example, the tailbone and the elbow. To this end, we work together with the North Holland home care organization Omring.

The power of wool, of the sheep of Texel!
Sanne Schoo

A sustainable residual product

What is important to know is that the sheep are not slaughtered for the fur but for the meat. Because Skéépe believes in sustainable handling of such a residual product, we have these special coats tanned and in this way we give the coat of the Texel sheep a second life!

Where do the sheepskins come from?

What makes our coats unique is that they are not only of the Texel sheep breed, but have actually lived with Texel farmers. The sheep and lambs roam freely in the Texel outdoors and enjoy the space in the meadows. The special island climate on Texel gives the sheepskin a unique structure and is of an extra good quality.

The pride of Texel quality

Texel is proud of its sheep and its sheep's wool. Texel wool is very unique in its kind. The wool is fed by the salty sea air, wind and sun. These conditions ensure the best wool because they make the coat of the Texel sheep voluminous and frizzy. This makes it extra soft, resilient and optimally insulating. Thanks to this ideal combination of insulation and ventilation, the sheepskin adapts to your body temperature, as it were; wonderfully warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.

Pure nature and sustainable

Due to the sun, wind and sea air, the coat is coarser, rough but soft and of a thicker quality. It is therefore suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Texel wool is also used in duvets, pillows, blankets, futons, clothing and many other products. This creates a beautiful natural product; pure, pure new wool. And the best part is: when shaving the fur, the wool grows back on its own after every shave!

Soft and warm support

Sheepskins also have a positive effect on our health. Sheepskin is a proven preventive aid for bedsores (pressure ulcers). Also people who suffer from muscle pain or back problems can best lie on a sheepskin. Because the coat density is high, your body heat is retained when you sit or lie on it. Texel sheepskin is a wonderful soft support that provides relief from (bed sore) pain.

Take a look at our range of Texel sheepskins & Medical sheepskin. We have sheepskins in various shapes, sizes and colors.

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