Texel Wool products

Texel wool is known for its high quality. The Texel sheep breed is famous worldwide and the wool that comes from this beautiful sheep is known for its warmth, comfort and softness. Wool is also very versatile, which has inspired us to use Texel wool to make some wonderful natural products. Check out our range of Texel wool products below including Texel Knitting Wool, hiking wool and carded wool.

Texel wool products from the island

The wool of the Texel is extremely suitable for making beautiful wool products. We have beautiful knitting wool, hiking wool and carded wool, which comes not only from the Texel sheep breed but also from the sheep that have lived with the farmer on the island. Because of the island climate on Texel, the sheep get a wonderfully thick, shaggy but soft coat, which of course can be used for many purposes. By processing this wool and making beautiful products from it, the most beautiful sustainable natural products are created.

The benefits of the best Texel sheep wool:

  • Lovely thick but still soft
  • Extra high in lanolin, due to cold processing
  • A durable and beautiful natural product
  • Straight from the Texel farmer!

Buy Texel wool

If you want to buy Texel wool, from now on you don't have to go to a wool store on the island. Here at Skéépe we have our own Texel sheep wool products, which you can order online. So that way you have your own wool store at home!