Natural sheepskins

Natural white and brown sheepskins

Are you looking for unique natural sheepskins? Then you're in the right place at Texel Products. The sheepskins of Texel Products come from sheep that have actually lived on Texel. Due to the wonderful outdoor life on this beautiful island, these sheepskins have acquired their beloved firm structure and unparalleled softness. These furs have the natural color of the fur and are tanned ecologically. Also want to buy a real natural Texel sheepskin? Like a white sheepskin or a brown sheepskin? Take a look around in our online assortment!

Buy 2 sheepskins and get a €14.95 wool comb for FREE!

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  1. Texel lambskin brown
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  2. Texel Sheepskin brown Large
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  3. Texel Sheepskin brown X-Large
    Special Price €69.95 Regular Price €80.00
  4. Texel Sheepskin brown Super Size
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  5. Texel lambskin White - Naturel
    Special Price €49.95 Regular Price €60.00
  6. Texel Sheepskin White / Naturel - Large
    Special Price €59.50 Regular Price €70.00
  7. Texel Sheepskin White / Naturel | X-Large
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  8. Texel Sheepskin White / Naturel - Super Size
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Certified product from the real Texel land?

The sheep and lambs used for the sheepskins have a wonderful free life and can enjoy the Texel nature. Each sheep can enjoy the many pastures and space on the island. These real natural sheepskins come from Skéépe, the specialist when it comes to real sheepskins. Skéépe has the quality mark "Genuine Texel Product", which gives you the guarantee that you are actually buying a product that comes from the beautiful natural island of Texel. The furs are cleaned and tanned in an ecological way. In addition to being a genuine Texel product, the product can also be called sustainable. How can you enjoy a natural white sheepskin the longest?

Long lasting enjoyment of natural sheepskins

In the webshop of Skéé you can find different colors of Texel sheepskins. There is a color available for every type of interior. Do you like quiet colors in your home? Then the natural colors are perfect for your home. The natural colors consist of white / natural and brown. The proper maintenance of these coats ensures that you can continue to enjoy the beautiful Texel sheepskin for a long time. By regularly going through the fleece with a wool comb, it will keep its natural soft look. Should any stains appear, then this can be dabbed clean with a damp cloth. The salty sea air and the wind from the island have given these sheepskins their beloved firm structure and blissful softness. They should therefore be handled with care and washing machines should be avoided.

The natural colors in your home

When you think of natural sheepskins, you think of a white sheepskin, but of course you also think of a brown sheepskin. These colors are unprocessed and exactly as they are on the sheep. These natural colors can be obtained in different sizes. There are smaller fleeces for the chairs or armchairs, but also extra large white or brown sheepskins that can be used as rugs. Multi purpose and even use all year round. In winter the sheepskins keep you warm, but in summer they have a cooling effect.

Buy natural sheepskin at Skéé

Have you found the sheepskin from real Texel sheep that perfectly matches your interior, like a sheepskin white or a sheepskin brown? Then it is high time to order! Do this on a working day before 3 p.m. and your order will be shipped the same day completely free of charge (as your order exceeds € 35).

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