Sheepskin rug

The sheepskin of the Texel breed is known worldwide. This because of the soft but strong properties of the wool. This wool can also be used to make beautiful sustainable products such as Texel slippers. To make a wonderfully soft and large sheepskin rug, we sew together several sheepskins. This creates a beautiful rug, which is never the same and looks good in any interior. For a rug, several sheepskins or lambskins are selected that fit together nicely. You can create your own rug by selecting the sheepskins yourself. The result is a beautiful large sheepskin rug with a natural look!

Buy 2 sheepskins and get a €14.95 wool comb for FREE!

Sheepskin rug for every interior

Skéépe's sheep have lived with the farmer on the island. They enjoy the sun and the salty climate of Texel, which certainly benefits their fleece. The climate ensures that their fleece and wool has a thick fiber and a high quality. It contains a lot of lanolin, the wool grease that keeps a coat soft. A custom-made rug of sheepskin, from Texel sheep is a unique item in your interior. In addition, this natural product remains beautiful for a long time and feels pleasant in every season. Ideal if you want to create some extra cosiness in the living room or bedroom.

A Skéépe Texel sheepskin is unique!

  • The sheep have lived on Texel and the climate makes their wool extra strong and thick.
  • Because of those perfect weather conditions, their fur also contains a lot of lanolin, which keeps the wool healthy.
  • As a result, a sheepskin from Texel nice and soft and insulating, but also cushioning and moisture regulating. So a large sheepskin rug is nice and warm and soft in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • A large rug, made to measure and from a sustainable natural product.
  • The sheepskin looks beautiful in any interior. Think not only of a rug, but also of a Sheepskin for over your chair.
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