Sales locations on Texel

On Texel and would like to feel and pick out a sheepskin yourself? That is possible!

We oureself are only a webshop, but at the following companies we have a selected assortment of our Texel sheepskins:

  • De Texelse Boerderijwinkel
    Hoeve Vrij & Blij
    Westerweg 80
    1797 RH Den Hoorn 
  • Voedselbos Texel
    Middellandseweg 4
    1792 CG Oudeschild
  • Boerencamping "de Razende Bol"
    Pelikaanweg 1
    1796 NN De Koog
  • Boer Jens
    Oosterweg 26
    1794 GL Oosterend
  • Camping Hoge Kamp
    Hoornderweg 21
    1791 PM Den Burg
  • Schapenbedrijf De Waddel
    Westergeest 4
    1791 LJ Den Burg

If you are visiting the island Texel it is of course convenient to pick out a Skéépe sheepskin yourself. So if you are staying in De Koog, Oudeschild or Den Burg, it is nice to come and see a Skéépe sheepskin at the above points of sale. So the Texel sheepskins are not only available online but also on the island itself. Maybe the sellers even have a nice discount! So if you want to buy a sheepskin, you don't have to buy it online but you can buy it on the island.

Skéépe has medicinal sheepskins, short- and long-haired sheepskins, beige sheepskins and white and brown sheepskins. If the sheepskin of your choice is not available at the point of sale, order it online.

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