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Sheepskins: also for catering and retail

The native sheep of the island Texel, the so-called Texelaars, are famous around the world for the quality and resilience of their fur. This special breed of sheep is not only famous, but also spread worldwide. If you want to be fooled, you can buy a so-called Texel sheepskin from, for example, China.

Skéépe is a specialist in sheepskins from Texelaars who have actually lived on Texel. Many interiors have already been brightened up with a quality Sképe coat, either in their natural white or brown color, or painted in a calm or bright color.

However, we are not only there for consumers, entrepreneurs can also come to us. Do you run a restaurant or cafe, for example, and do you have a terrace? Then imagine that on each of your chairs there is a further soft lamb or sheepskin on each chair! One customer likes it as a seat cushion, another likes it as a backrest, while a third - perhaps on a cold day - prefers to use the fur as a blanket to keep the legs warm. In this way everyone enjoys it in their own way, we make it possible.

Skeepe for your business

Wholesale for who wants to buy in quantities

If you plan to purchase more than one lambskin or sheepskin to upgrade your business, then you should inquire with us about the attractive prices. Skéépe is not only a specialist, but in practice the only supplier of genuine Texel sheepskins. This allows us to offer our sheepskins in larger numbers for very competitive prices.

Skeepe is selling the 100% Genuine SheepSkin products like Medical Sheepskin, Sheepskin Fur, Sheepskin Rugs, Baby Sheepskin, Colored Sheepskin etc. from many years with many satisfied customers across Netherlands. Experience the World's Best Sheepskin Products at skeepe. You can visit our Privacy Policy, Return Policy here and also our Business to Business Page.

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