Sheep's wool has a healing, nurturing and protective effect on the skin. Because of this it can be used to relieve pain for example: blisters, calluses, corns, pressure spots, decubitus, diaper rash and other damages to the skin or foot. By placing a tuft of sheep's wool on the painful area, the skin is nourished by the lanolin and protected by the resilience of the wool. Experience immediate reduction of painful pressure spots yourself.

Texel sheepwool for your feet

The resilient wool fiber provides a cushioning and protective layer over the skin.

Sheep's wool has healing properties. It is good for the skin due to the lanolin and the wool, due to its rapier structure, has a cushioning effect. For this reason wool is very useful for many different complaints caused by friction and pressure, especially on the feet. Think of blisters, heel spur and decubitus / bedsores. Because the wool is naturally breathable and moisture-regulating, it does not close off the skin as a plaster does. In addition, the spot will not scalp or sweat and the skin is given all the space it needs to recover.

Sheep wool contains lanolin for the skin and has an antibacterial effect.

In addition to these advantages of the structure of sheep's wool, it also contains lanolin and has an antibacterial effect. This not only relieves the pressure point but at the same time also cares for the skin. Lanolin, also called wool fat, has a soothing and nourishing effect on the skin. The skin becomes wonderfully soft and does not dry out. The antibacterial effect of the wool, ensures that the place remains hygienic and helps prevent, for example, psoriasis, eczema or foot fungus. Because it is a natural product, the wool can also be used for the most sensitive skin and even for the delicate baby skin.

The wool warms the skin but does not scalp

Our Texel sheep's wool warms and has a beneficial effect on cold complaints in neuropathy or poor circulation. The wool can therefore be very useful for winter toes and cold feet, for example. Because the wool breathes as well, this area will not knit or sweat and is heated in a pleasant way.


Skéépe has hiking wool, foot wool, healing wool and anti-pressure wool

Because sheep's wool can be used for so many different complaints, we have 4 different types of wool that can be used for different purposes:

Walking wool: Ideal while hiking to prevent blisters.
Foot wool: Not only for blisters but also for foot problems such as corns and ingrown nails. 
Heil wool: For the most delicate and sensitive skin. Ideal for maternity.
Anti-pressure wool: Provides very good cushioning for bedsores (decubitus) and other pressure points.


Skéépe wool comes exclusively from Texel farms

The wool of Skéépe is exclusively from the sheep that live with the farmers of Texel. The sheep enjoy the free life in the pasture and their wool is formed by the salty maritime climate of the island. This makes our wool extra unique and of the best quality.

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